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Hi friend - Welcome to 'The Billet Doux!'

Pronounced; bil-ey-du | Meaning: a love Letter

My name is Simone, I’m a Pisces and I am the Director of TBD. I’m all about gifting from the heart. I created this space because I love putting energy into finding the perfect gift. I love creating that moment when you see that persons face of pure joy when you have got them something that is SO them that they are taken back. This is where The Billet Doux comes in... 

It’s all giving your loved ones those special butterflies feels when they receive your gift. These bespoke prints, ('Love Letter') is designed with love from you and developed with love by me. These Love Letters are completely personalised by you. They are based around your loved ones name, date of birth, key traits of their personality mixed with attributes of their zodiac Starsign. You have the choice to pick what colour paper, frame colour and illustration goes on the design too. We work together on this to develop the most perfect gift they they will cherish forever. 

Great for Bridesmaid Proposals, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Mother’s Day, Fathers Day, Christmas, Thank you gifts any day in between ! They also make the most perfect sentimental gift for when you don’t know what to get someone.

*All prints are produced on 300 GSM uncoated (only the best)!

Please see free to send us any enquiries. Our inbox is always open and welcome to you x

 P.S I'm currently expecting a bub in January 2022 - I'm still here, just a bit slower than usual.